Be less interested with w…

Be less interested with who is following you and more interested in where you are leading everybody to!-Paulette Le Pore Motzko

A pictorial is a video that teaches or sells or inspires.

I had the idea to create something that would help people by combining compelling photos, text plates I write, along with music, if desired. This video or Pictorial can then be added to your existing web site, the link can be given for you to share on Twitter or Facebook and well, you can add it to an email with your correspondence.

It is a communication vehicle to wake people up. I primarily create these for food businesses and restaurants, but this would be great for art galleries, and non profits who want to create something compelling to urge people to care.

You can reach me at:



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Are You In Need of a Web Writer For Content?

If you are a business owner and have your own web site to sell your services or product but want someone to look at it to check for grammatical errors or just for content layout, email Paulette Motzko at: Pricing depends on how many pages are involved. Also, if you would like to create a networking site for your group, company, or for your … Continue reading Are You In Need of a Web Writer For Content?