Make sure that you’re not like this statue that sits all day around a computer in stone.  Move around, see people and refuse to be a tech geek.

I used technology to create everything from digital images, resumes, SEO web content, feature stories for restaurants, interviews with chefs, tagging for company so that they can be found on a Google search engine and other things but once all that’s done before computers there were people and people created computers. We’re forgetting in today’s age of 2017 that we need face-to-face and voice to voice interaction with no Skype with no Hangouts would know what’s up which I am so sick of I remove them all unless you’re doing a really important meeting with somebody across the world or it’s a great friend and Italy don’t use Skype just talked to him or seen him. Every year did big business person never uses any of those things and they do the old-fashioned way which is face to face and voice to voice because you cannot duplicate the human interaction and all of the things you pick up and communication that are unspoken.

We all need balance in our lives.

 We need time for God, or a time for whatever you practice as faith. 

You need time to get out and see nature and to connect with the trees and the birds and the bees and all the stuff that make us feel like human beings that are part of a greater whole called the Earth.

 We need time to move around and get exercise so we don’t atrophy and get old before our time and get all achy with stiff joints.

I recently lost 20 lb by moving more and using MyFitnessPal diet/lifestyle app along with the Pacer pedometer app. 

You want to be the one that’s in control of every aspect of your world. 

I still get on networking sites but with a mission in mind of something greater of what I’m trying to achieve. 

I also to talk to my friends I’ve known a very long time on Facebook every now and then. I  don’t chat with anybody on any app because I can’t stand it and it’s stupid and it wastes time.

 Too many people chat or text in this world and few talk and hear each other. Many have lost the ability to communicate and truly listen in an effective way.

I announced to all my friends who are famous writers and extraordinary people who care about the world, that I was going to be removing Facebook app and the messenger for my phablet and they wouldn’t see me on there for a while. 

 They were cool with that because they understood that you can’t achieve anything great in this world of your interrupted every 5 seconds.

Time is the most valuable thing you’ll ever possess in this world or ever give anyone.

Time and the hours of the day are your gift to yourself to accomplish anything you want and you hand select every single element goes into it, almost. 

Written by Paulette Motzko.

Image by motivational quotes.